About us

Our company Ltd ,, Tsalka 91 was founded in 1991, whose main activity during the years was pumice mining career-development, production, sale and production of building materials pumice.

At present, the company ,, Tsalka 91 holds in Georgia the two most important deposit – Paravani’s perlite and tikmantashi’s pumice mining licenses.

Now Ltd ,, Tsalka 91 is the only producer of perlite, which resulted in the acquisition of modern technological perlite plant in Georgia in 2014 and has the most high-quality perlite products to offer customers.

Our company exports fractioned perlite in Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries, but awareness of perlite over local market is our priority and it is important to use perlite in a variety of advanced manufacturing, construction and agricultural sectors in our country.


Our Products