Sleeper Perlite – novelty in the Georgian construction.
Packed in sacks.
1 bag lays 2 cm thick 1.5 m2 wall. By comparison, the perilite lavage (1 m3) is almost equal in comparison with the gauge, and the cheaper than the sand. Only today, our company is producing a high class salal perlite, it is compatible with European standards, which requires a high quality company like KNAUF. The advantages of dry dry mixture of perlite are as follows:
• Ecologically pure product (without any radiation, harmful impurities and chemical additives).
• No need to process (break, etc.).
• Only need water.
• Do not fast.
• There is no waste in the lace, therefore – to save waste.
• Thermal insulation.
• Sound isolation.
• Lightness 1 m3 – 350 kg.
In Europe and the United States, perlite is widely used as a plaster material. Its thermal and sound coating properties often give maximum results. To illustrate, in the 90s the specialty of Perlit was performed by the Jansug Kakhidze Musical-Cultural Center,In 2002 also the Pearl of the Holy Trinity Cathedral Cathedral, in both cases achieved high efficiency acoustics and thermal insulation. The facade of the Tbilisi City Court was decorated with perlite ornaments.