perlite is a natural and ecological building material.
Perlite is characterized by high heat insulation properties.
Perlite use in housing, allows for building and cooling up to 60% energy-saving.
Building constructions in the process of construction using perlite are simpler, lightened, the center of the gravity of the building is falling down, which increases the seismic sustainability of the building.
Perlite use in construction process significantly reduces construction costs.
The house or house constructed perlite creates the best ecological housing environment.
Perlite container materials – perlite block, salte perlite and others have high fire resistance.
Perlite is not old, does not break down over time, it can not affect any of the different pests of animal and plant origin.
For example: 20 cm Perlite wall is equivalent to a 60 cm pedestal block wall with its insulation, sound and nest isolation properties. Perlite and cooled walls have long retained the room’s internal temperature (temperature loss of 24 hours in 18% to 24 hours, 0.11 – 0.14 W / m ° C.) Perlite, sand and cement mixture (3: 1: 1 ) Is effective at external facial lashes, does not carry the nest and moisture.The high voltage indicator (200-2000 Hz frequency indicator is 0-35-0.65 dB), and the perlite block eliminates the noise and prevents the sound waves in the wall.
Remember, Perlit is a natural mineral that is ecologically clean, cheap, and in the construction and repair process, thanks to its small weight and lightness, is easy and cheap. Perlite light thermal insulation construction block (20 “) weight 7-8 kg, strength of 25-35kg / cm2 on the compression of the concrete volume in dry condition 550-750 kg / m3.
Perlitonet used for placing the building will be exploited for many years because it has high frost resistance, biomass, stability, corrosion, high temperatures, temperature changes and environmental adverse impacts.
Residential buildings constructed from this material are not burnt in the bricks or blocks built in blocks and are not in the case of fire. As a result of the experiments, it was found that 1 cm perlitetone wall in 2 hours can withstand the direct impact of fire flame without the structure.Its melting temperature is + 1260 ° C, so the block is not burning and prevents fire spread. It can be used to isolate metal constructs and to build fire and crash gear and stairs.
The house built by him because of the properties of the permeability of the pelletbone is “breathed” as a wooden structure. This feature “breathe”, distinguishes it from other traditional building materials. It works intensively to steam the steam outside the inside of the building, making it even more effective.