• Flooring Perlite

  • Pem building block

    The house built with a pem building block creates the best ecological housing environment. It is characterized by high insulating […]

  • Perlite block

    perlite is a natural and ecological building material. Perlite is characterized by high heat insulation properties. Perlite use in housing, […]

  • Sleeper Perlite

    Sleeper Perlite – novelty in the Georgian construction. Packed in sacks. 1 bag lays 2 cm thick 1.5 m2 wall. […]

  • Agroperitite

    Agroperlite – ecologically clean, loose, porous material, grains size 1-5 mm, bulk density 80-90 kg, is made from volcanic materials […]

  • fermented perlite

    One of the priority directions for our company is exporting fermented perlite. The company owns the highest quality Paravani Perlite […]